How To Set Up And Join A Zoom Meeting

Zoom Enterprise is for companies with over 1,000 employees. To host a successful call, you must have a participant of at least 100 users. Without any add-ons, users of this plan can host up to 500 participants. Recorded sessions are uploaded online without limitations.

  • The feature description for both indicates that these would help engage participants and livestream viewers with polling and Q&A capabilities.
  • Inside Slack itself, the platform also integrates with Google Workspace, Teams, Zoom, and a host of other communications platforms, including the ones we’ve reviewed here.
  • Zoom records video, audio, and chat text when you tap the Record to the Cloud option.
  • As host of of meeting, click green “Share screen” button at bottom of user interface .

As the host of the meeting, you have lots of options regarding managing your participants. Once the Zoom app is installed on your computer it should launch the meeting. It will prompt you to choose which audio option you want to join the meeting with. When you are done setting all of your meeting options, click the Savebutton. A Chat Messages tab that you can select to review messages posted in the chat during the meeting. 3Play Media provides closed captioning, transcription, and audio description services to make video accessibility easy.

How To Share Your Screen On Android

However, we recommend using the Zoom app, since it has functionality that isn’t included in the web browser version of Zoom. If you want to be able to save recordings of your Zoom meetings locally to your computer, you must use the Zoom desktop app. Both versions of Zoom can save recordings virtually to the Cloud. Zoom is a cloud-based video communications solution for collaboration, live chat, audio and video conferencing, meeting recordings, and webinars across all devices.

These features have been available in the app since August 31st. Zoom has added new accessibility features that should make the videoconference app easier to use for individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, or who Zoom have visual impairments. On your phone or tablet, tap near the bottom of the screen to show the menu with options to Unmute, Start Video, etc., then select the More button. All in all, you can reset the playback range on the Zoom platform to complete the trimming of the recording, but this is limited to the cloud. Therefore, for you who want to re-save the recording locally, the second alternative, Joyoshare VidiKit , is just right. After reading this article, please check your actual situation first, weigh the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision.

Annotate While Screen Sharing

If you need to manage a few handful meetings, then the features offered in Zoom might do. We will take you through both the ways and then will walk you through the easiest time-saving solution for sharing Zoom recorded meetings to reduce several steps. If you are reading this blog, chances are you have attended many Zoom meetings and want to leverage its recording functionality. Above all else, you must be wondering how to securely share these Zoom meetings with internal and external teams without any security breach or leakage. Otherwise what good are these recordings if they can’t be used to collaborate and share ahead.

Next, you’ll probably want to download the Zoom app. It is possible to use Zoom without downloading this, but if you’re going to save yourself a lot of hassle we recommend installing it. Despite a few security wobbles, Zoom remains a firm favourite with people looking to video chat with friends, family and colleagues. Northwestern IT has created the following video series to provide the University community with guidance for protecting meetings against “Zoombombing.” Zoom has features to support online events of various sizes with varying degrees of interactivity. Zoom is available to anyone with a valid Northwestern NetID, and its use is intended for the purpose of conducting University-related activities.